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About Olomouc

Basic information

Olomouc had always been among the most important cities of the Kingdom of Bohemia. With its convenient location, ancient university and spiritual, cultural and craft traditions Olomouc has been for centuries a natural centre of Moravia, attractive to artists, intellectuals and businessmen.

With its 100 000 inhabitants, Olomouc is the 6th largest city in the Czech Republic and a centre of the fertile Haná region. After the capital of Prague, Olomouc contains the largest concentration of remarkable monuments in the Czech Republic. A world rarity is the original medieval astronomical clock in the facade of the Town Hall, following WWII renovated in the spirit of socialist realism. A thirty-two meter high column of the Holy Trinity – UNESCO monument, a group of six Baroque fountains and a magical new age Arion´s Fountain, are other unique monuments in the city´s historical centre. Wenceslas´ Hill top is dominated by high spires of Saint Wenceslas´ Cathedral and an adjacent palace located at the former site of the Olomouc castle.


The lowland of the Haná region, in whose centre Olomouc is located, is one of the warmest areas in the country. The climate is very pleasant without dramatic shifts in temperature. In spring and autumn daytime temperatures are usually between 15-20 °C and in summer at about 25 °C, days with temperatures around 30 °C are quite common as well. The coldest winter month is January with an average temperature of -1 to -4 °C. It snows a few times during the winter and temperatures below -10 ° C are recorded occasionally.


The city of Olomouc lies at the confluence of two rivers - the Morava and the Bystřice. The flat character of the town is demarked by a distinctive, elevated relief in the west and especially in the east, so the city is enclosed into an elongated depression open towards northwest and southeast.

What to see

Olomouc is a unique complex of landmarks, including churches, cathedrals and chapels, whose monumentality can be admired in many parts of the city center. In the tourist season, all major Olomouc churches and chapels are open daily between 9:00am to 5:00pm at least. Guides are provided from Tuesday to Saturday between 9:00am to 5:00pm.

  • Archbishop’s Palace
  • Church of St. Maurice
  • Town Hall
  • Holy Trinity Column
  • Six Baroque Fountains

Food and drink

The alluring culinary delights of the Olomouc region entice you to visit and explore the local restaurants for all the tastes and unexpected surprises of Moravian cuisine.

Party life

Olomouc is a lively town full of young people, music clubs, discos, student cafes, cinemas and sports grounds. Thanks to Palacký University, the second oldest university in the Czech Republic, established in 1573, you can meet over 20 thousand students in the city streets. The area surrounding the barracks, a preserved part of the fortifications from the era of Empress Marie Theresa just a short walk from the main square, is buzzing day and night, offering cafés, bars and wine cellars, as well as a range of Czech and international cuisine in stylish pubs and restaurants, whilst in the clubs you can dance till the morning. Live musical experiences are offered in several clubs, where you can sample jazz, blues, pop, rock, hip hop or metal. In the streets of Olomouc you will also find distinctive pubs as well as original locations for innovative and alternative genres.


In the centre of the city, there are many shops and sales galleries, where you can get typical Czech products as well as foreign goods. Payments by credit card are nowadays possible almost everywhere. It is commonplace in hotels, big restaurants, petrol stations, supermarkets and many other stores. There are also many cash machines for cash withdrawal available. Usual opening hours of small shops on weekdays are 8:00am to 6:00pm. Some smaller shops have a lunch break between noon and 1:00pm. Larger shops and supermarkets close as late as at 8:00pm. Shops are also open on Saturday morning. On Sundays, most shops are closed. Shopping centres are open from 9:00am to 9:00pm the whole week through.