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ECC 2016

We have had European Champions Cup held the first time in Czech republic - Olomouc. We want to thank all our partners, players, delegates and trainers for the smooth running of the event. We have tried to make all the participants feel good. During the event we captured events in the form of photos, which are posted in the photo-gallery or external link.

Finally, we wish everyone all the best in the future, good health, family welfare and sporting success. Good bowling ...

ECC 2016 Team

ECC 2016 - Video

We are publishing the ECC 2016 - Video, which you can find in youtube

Men Finals

In the men’s finals we also saw the two highest seeded bowlers – J. Lorenc of the Czech Republic and J. Gruffman of Sweden. Game one was one by Jaroslav Lorenc. He started with an opening five bagger and, despite not making a 3-9 spare, maintained his lead until the end, winning 244:223. Game two was thrilling as well. Both players opened with a couple of strikes.

James, however, made three nines in a row, hence passing the lead to Jaroslav who was not shy of striking. In the tenth, Jaroslav left a seven pin standing and had to make it to shut out James. He knocked it down with certainty and became the ECC 2016 men’s champion.

Women Finals

The two highest seeded women, C. Wegner of Sweden and M. Bulanova of Russia, met in the finals. Game one was thrilling from the very beginning. Until the 5th frame the scores were almost equal. But then Maria made six in a row, capturing a victory of the first game 237:214. The second game was started by Cajsa’s front six. Even though she left an open frame in the seventh, she managed to maintain the lead. The final score was 247:217. Both players started the last game by two strikes each.

In the third Cajsa struck whileMaria left a 2-4-7 split. In the fourth, both ladies left a 2-4-8-10 split. Cajsa did not make it, but Maria did, thus trailing to Cajsa by just two pins. Cajsa kept a small lead until the ninth frame where she struck and Maria did not. In the tenth Cajsa needed a strike and nine not to be shut out by Maria. She made it and became the ECC 2016 women’s champion.